Luiz's Website

Hello! My name is Luiz and I am 19 years old. Sadly, I'm becoming too old to be nice and respectful, or to care about anything at all. Life just becomes more and more stale and meaningless everyday. The days of work and procrastination amalgamate into each other. Days go fast and slow at the same time. You, however, are still young. You still have the will and power to become someone better than me. Don't waste your youth on computers or videogames. Go out, have some fun, meet some people. Learn basic social skills. Trust me, it's better than this. I mean, I'm not saying that you should just live in a stupid way, thinking that the next girl you get is the most important thing in your life. No, if you go that way your life will be garbage later on because you won't have any money. Focus on the science, Morty.

Anyway, this isn't my main website, because it doesn't support any server side coding, like PHP. So I'm can be currently be found at